Who wants to wait 3 months for their photos or have to hassle their photography team to hurry-up so they can finally show Grandma how awesome she looked on the dance floor?

You will get your photos in 14-days or less.

If you don't, we will pay you (per day) until we make good on our promise. 

Picking a wedding photographer is tough. I get it. There are a lot of great artists out there and even more with a fancy camera. Because of that, looking through numerous portfolios and comparing prices can get ridiculous.

Nobody wants that stress.

I truly believe that the best pictures happen when my clients are having the best experience possible- free of stress, confident about their decisions and ultimately able to live in the moment of such a special day. From personalized consultations to assistance in laying out your wedding timeline, my goal is an inverse relationship between your blood pressure and your smile. 

Wedding services start at $2,750 and will be customized based on what's important to you. Second shooter? Engagement session? Albums? Add it if you want, or leave it if you don't - it's your choice.

If my philosophy jives with you, let's sit down and talk about your wedding. 

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