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Years from now, I hope that my photographs will still make you smile proudly as you remember your wedding day. That the feels would warm you from within, reminding you of a day that, for the rest of time, belongs to just you two. And in that moment, it is my hope that you will discover the power of a single photograph and see the world as I choose to see it.

Hello, and welcome to my collection of wedding and engagement photography! I appreciate your time and consideration, and hope you find what you're looking for.

Among these pages you will find glimpses into the lives and personalities of the people I have been fortunate enough to work with. Through the hundreds of weddings I've been asked to photograph, I am most appreciative of the friendships I have made along the way.

I currently live in Omaha, Nebraska - an unlikely landing place for a kid from Hawai'i, but surprisingly I've learned to love it. My partner Shannon and our pup Sadie add peace and balance to my life. No matter what happens during the day, our little family makes our home a happy place.

I discovered my passion for wedding photography seven years ago with no plans on changing course. As an artist, I'm continuously progressing in my philosophies on how to create the best product and experience I am capable of. I share an appreciation of how light plays on the world around us and a love for capturing human interaction and emotion. My style has been described in many ways, but the one I like best is genuine.


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