I'll be taking a break from weddings for the 2023 season to focus on family and other passion projects! The birth of our daughter Aiko has been a wonderful change and I look forward to more family time and getting to know her better.

That being said... I'm still grateful for your visit and wanted to leave you with a few helpful tips in searching for your future wedding photographer:

1. Don't just look at social media| Anyone can post a few great pics through IG or FB. Make sure you ask to see at least three full wedding galleries to accurately assess their artistic and technical abilities. 

2. Find the right personality | Your lead photographer will be tasked with directing the day and being by your side through it all. Meeting them for coffee (either in-person or virtually) can be a great way to get a sense of who they are. 

3. Ask other vendors | Who's the best caterer you've worked with? Which photographer stood out in your mind from last season? Which florist impressed you most with their customer service? ... us wedding industry folk have good memories, so be sure to ask for referrals. Start with your venue coordinator and 'spiderweb' a list of vendors from there. And while it might be a little more work, support people who have their own businesses. If they have pride in their work and you're good to them, it's likely they'll also go the extra mile for you. 

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